Howdy Friends,

If you have an interest in providing food services and merchandise at this year’s event, please contact us at and provide a brief description of your menu, products and electrical requirements.

Please submit any marketing materials, website, photos, etc to assist us in determining the nature of your business and offerings.


Vendor Fee Information

Booth fees due within 10 business days of being awarded Vendor Contract.

• CRAFT VENDORS – 2 non-exchangeable/non-transferable vendor passes and 1 vendor parking pass. Booth Fee $300.00 plus applicable fees.

• FOOD VENDORS – 4 non-exchangeable/non-transferable vendor passes & 1 vendor parking pass. Booth Fee $500.00 plus applicable fees.


It is the sole responsibility of the Vendor to insure that all employees meet State of New Mexico and US Labor Law requirements.

It is the sole responsibility of the Vendor to obtain a Town of Taos Special Event Business Permit at the cost of $10.00 from the town of Taos.

It is the sole responsibility for all Food Vendors to obtain from the NM Department of the Environment the state required Temporary Business Permit prior to the event. Info for compliance and the permit application at:

Booth Space

Booth space is limited to a single story, 12’ x 12’ square area including all wires, stakes, poles, and all assembly configurations or requirements. The appearance and ambiance of your booth is critical to the overall atmosphere of the festival and the audience perception of the event as a whole. We encourage imaginative booth designs, flags, banners, and expect cleanliness for a safe, maintained area. You are responsible for quality booth assembly/construction, all furnishings, all articles of business: lighting, electrical cords, electrical tape to secure cords, power strips, fire extinguisher, booth maintenance, proper tie-downs for propane tanks, professional appearing signage for products, menu’s and pricing. No neon or flashing lights. You are responsible for removing all booth materials, trash, and items pertaining to your presence throughout the event and at the end of the event. Booths will be inspected by BBD staff, Town of Taos and County inspectors prior to event opening and throughout the event for compliance. Booth is limited to 12 feet of frontage space open to event participants. Food Vendor and Craft Vendor booth areas are designated inside the festival area near the Main Entrance at the far end of the concert tent. Booth placement will be determined by the BBD vendor coordinator based upon electrical and logistical requirements.


Upon acceptance you will be contacted via phone or email by the Vendor Coordinator of Michael Hearne’s Big Barn Dance Music Festival. Please email any questions to


Michael Hearne’s Big Barn Dance Music Festival does not provide umbrella insurance. ALL vendors must provide $1,000,000.00 General Liability Insurance with Michael Hearne’s Big Barn Dance Music Festival listed as additionally insured.