How it started

Big Barn Dance

The saga of the Big Barn Dance began as impromptu Saturday night soirees, where the rhythmic heartbeat of two-steppin’ reverberated through the crisp mountain air near Taos, New Mexico. Throughout the 1990s, like clockwork, Casa de Caballos Ranch in Des Montes, just up the road from Taos, transformed into an authentic mountain country barn dance. Under the vast canvas of stars, Michael’s band, South by Southwest, enticed musical virtuosos and dancing aficionados, creating a tradition that blossomed into a beloved summer affair.

Amidst the twirls and tunes, the idea of something grander took root. In 2003, inspired by the magic of those summer nights, Michael Hearne birthed his very own musical masterpiece – the Big Barn Dance Music Festival. What began as a local celebration has evolved into a Southwest musical cornerstone, showcasing Michael’s friendships with some of the world’s finest songwriters and bands.

After 21 spectacular years in Taos, the time has come to share this musical event beyond its New Mexican roots. The Big Barn Dance team, in collaboration with Destination Bryan, has chosen the city of Bryan, TX, as the next canvas for this incredible event.

A true listening room experience within the grandeur of a festival, the Big Barn Dance Music Festival invites you to don your listening ears and dancing shoes alike. As the crescendo builds, the festival culminates in the legendary Big Barn Dance. Join us in Bryan, Texas, for a weekend of incredible music, dancing and fun.