We are very happy to be able to present an event this coming September in beautiful Taos, NM. We are finalizing an incredible lineup we know you’re going to love. It’s going to be a very special year! In order for us to move forward with the event, there are specific guidelines set forth by the state of New Mexico that we must abide by. To do so, we’ve had to make some major adjustments to our usual festival layout and our ticketing process. We have listed these modifications below. 


  • No Main Tent– Due to current social distance requirements, we are unable to properly accommodate all the attendees under our usual big tent. All main seating will be uncovered and spread out across the lawn in the same area of the park. 
  • “Pod” Seating System– Currently, the state is requiring a 3’ parameter around each group. Therefore, instead of rows of seats, we will have rows of “pods”, or sectioned spaces that are sized according to the number of people in the group. We will only be selling 1-person pods, 2-person pods, 4-person pods and 6-person pods. The plus side is, you’ll have extra room to stretch your legs! These pods will be first-come, first served each day. Due to space limitations, we are encouraging people to purchase larger pods by offering those at a lower cost per person. See pricing information below. 
  • Mask and Social Distancing Requirements– You will NOT be required to wear a mask while inside your pod, or when eating/drinking in a designated area. MASKS WILL BE REQUIRED AT ALL OTHER TIMES. Social distancing measures will also be in place throughout the venue including in entrance lines, food/bar lines, merchandise tent, vendor lines, etc. 
  • Seats/Chairs– Attendees are encouraged to bring their own chairs. We ask that the chairs be standard “camping style” chairs and we will have specifications on height, width etc. (basically no directors chairs, or long lounge chairs that would interfere with another attendee’s experience). We will have standard folding chairs available for free use if you don’t bring a chair, plus we will have custom BBD souvenir camping chairs available for purchase at the merchandise tent.

Due to social distancing requirements, we will not be holding the traditional big dance on Saturday evening. We will however, have 2 large dance floors in a prime location throughout the weekend and many great dance bands, so be sure to dust off the ol’ boots for some boot scootin’!

These rules and regulations are subject to change. However, if you do not agree to them as they stand, we ask that you do not purchase a pod at this time. By purchasing a pod you agree to follow the rules we have set in place. This is a rain or shine event.

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Please note that we plan to 100% revert back to our usual way of doing things in 2022. Although we are confident and excited that this year’s event will be spectacular, we know it’s just not the same, and we always want to keep the intimate, unique experience Big Barn Dance is known for. Thank you for sticking with us and supporting us during these unprecedented times. We promise to do our best under the circumstances.

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BIG ANNOUNCEMENT! We were just informed that the state of NM has changed the 6′ parameter around each group to a 3′ parameter around each group! Yahoo! What does this mean for the festival?

1. We get to lower our pricing for all general admission tickets/pods (see new pricing below)
2. We get to sell single 1-Person Pods for our solo attendees
3. Everybody gets to be closer to the stage


*Pricing is for all 3 days of the event- September 9th, 10th and 11th, 2021

6-PERSON POD- $800 (plus tax)- Best Value! $133.33 plus tax per individual ticket. 

4-PERSON POD- $600 (plus tax)- $150 plus tax per individual ticket.

2-PERSON POD- $400 (plus tax)- $200 plus tax per individual ticket.

1-PERSON POD- $200 (plus tax)- $200 plus tax per individual ticket.

All pods will be sold whole. Partial pods will not be available (i.e. If you have 5 people in your group, a 6-Person Pod must be purchased at the full rate). In addition, we are not able to invoice individually, so be sure to collect funds from friends or family in your pod prior to purchasing.

Keep in mind that each row will contain a specific pod type. The rows will be distributed fairly in relation to the stage.

If you have more than 6 people in your group and want to try and secure pods next to each other, you will need to purchase multiple pods of the same size to cover the group (i.e. if you have 8 people in your group, you will purchase (2) 4-Person Pods. Do NOT purchase a 6-Person Pod + a 2-Person Pod as they won’t be located on the same row)

As of now, single day tickets will not be available. If restrictions are lifted and we are able to accommodate, an announcement will be made.

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Beginning on May 12th at 9:00am MT / 10:00am CT a link will be provided on our website to the Pod Sign-Up Form.  Through this form, you will submit your contact information along with the size of pod you are requesting and the names of each person who will be in the pod. If you do not have all the names at this time they will be listed as guests under your last name, but we do ask that you provide all names by July 30th to to avoid confusion at the door. 

All sign-ups will be processed in the order they were received. After we have processed your form, you will receive an emailed invoice via PayPal that you can pay directly. You will have 3 days to complete your payment after receiving the invoice, so be sure to keep an eye out. Pods will not be confirmed/final until we have received full payment. 

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Please email with questions or concerns and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 

If you are interested in purchasing a VIP Package (very limited), please email for more information.

If you are interested in on-site RV Camping (very limited) please email for more information.

If you are interested in being a volunteer at the event, please email for more information.